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Jawoll Twin 82.0513


Jawoll - tried and tested a million times and for many years a sock wool classic - including reinforcement yarn for heels and toes to extend the life of your socks! The wool is sourced from Corriedale sheep: for Jawoll we only use wool of the finest provenance from Chilean Patagonia. During shearing the best parts of the fleece are selected and sorted out so the wool feels very soft and is very comfortable to wear. The colours are brillant and the finished yarn is highly resistant to pilling. Due to the superior quality of the fibres Jawoll is also excellent for (kid's) clothing.

DETAILS: 50 gram | 210 meter | Needles = 2,5-3,5mm | Gauge 10cmx10cm = 30S x 41R | 75 % virgin wool superwash 25 % nylon | 40° wool wash