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Álafosslopi - 9975 - black tweed



Álafosslopi is a very sturdy and hard wearing yarn. Due to the extreme weather conditions the Icelandic sheep live in, their coats have developed a very strong, warm and water repellant coat. The yarn is spun using both fibers, the coarse hairs and the down. The long hairs and the soft short down combined make this an airy and lofty yarn that gets softer and warmer with every use. The more an item is used, the softer it will feel. Items of clothing made with this material are very sturdy, even somewhat water and wind tight, and very warm. Although the yarn might feel a bit coarse to the touch at first or while first working with it, use and wear will soften it. Items made with this yarn will last for a very long time.

DETAILS: 100 gram | 100 meter | Needles = 5,5-6,5mm | Gauge 10cmx10cm = 13S x 18R | 100 % icelandic wool | hand wash