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ChiaoGoo Twist Interchangeable 13cm


The TWIST Lace interchangeable knitting needles by ChiaoGoo are of exclusive quality and very versatile. These stainless steel needles are very pointy (lace tip), which makes them suitable for knitting patterns with multiple stitches, such as lace patterns, puff stitches, bubble and cable knitting. They are also very easy to use: the smooth surface ensures that the yarn glides off the needles effortlessly, while the matte finish will not reflect any light, which normally makes it hard to see your work. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, meaning that it can be used by most people with a nickel allergy. Steel alloy is very strong, wear resistant, lightweight and fully recyclable. The TWIST Lace stainless steel interchangeable needle tips are available in 10 and 13cm lengths and in various needle sizes.

These ChiaoGoo TWIST Lace stainless steel needle tips are 13cm long. Available in needle sizes 1.50-10.00mm. The needles are hollow and lightweight. Please note: Sizes 1.50-2.50mm are compatible with the MINI screw size, while sizes 2.75-5.00mm are compatible with the Small (S) screw size and sizes 5.50-10.00mm with the Large (L) screw size.