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KnitPro lace blocking wires


The KnitPro lace blocking wires are a staple for any interested or experienced knit or crochet lace-maker! Use these stainless-steel wires to stretch and shape shawls, cloths, or other garments and accessories. Firstly, your project must be washed (use lukewarm water and some wool-wash, let soak for 15mins and gently remove excess water by squeezing and/or wrapping in a towel), then lay out your project on a flat surface atop a lace blocking mat, slide the wires through the outer edges and pin into place using the included T-pins. Once your lace project is dry, the intricacies of your work are ready to be shown off!


Each tube contains 6 stainless steel wires of 95cm, 6 wires of 50cm, and 3 flexible wires of 1m, 20 T-pins and 1 measuring tape